Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Aral Sea - April 2010

I am the fisherman of the falling shore
My boat is lost now
To the Aral Sea, forevermore
Offer rain prayers -- sing up, sing down, I go now
I go
Ho, I go to wash in the water of my people
Brother in face and need
Pouring sand all down over me
Mom you go to wash in the water falling
And Dad, and my sister, my people
You go
Cast out your net, brother to me
Singing...Pour, Pour, Pour --
Out the Aral Sea
Fisher of the sand and shore
He is my brother
-- Pour, Pour, Pour

We are a people
We are not a people
We were once a people

Ho, wash me in the water learning
Water and belly
And stone
Are empty in tin roof and drum


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